The BEEHIVE company produces large quantities of products and pour honey into small containers. We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and are interested in our final customers to get a high-quality product. Nowadays BEEHIVE exports its products to more than 20 countries worldwide and occupies one of the leading positions among honey producers in Ukraine.  

We produce polyfloral and monofloral varieties of honey for wholesale buyers and pour the finished product into 200-liter barrels. 

Most products are successfully exported to the countries of the European Union and the Middle East, where where the quality of Ukrainian honey and BEEHIVE standards are highly valued. 

The company guarantees compliance withinternational quality standards and timely delivery of products. 

We pour honey under the BEEHIVE trademark in a small container - jars (from 125 to 1000 ml).

In the B2C format, we focus on the production of monoflorous varieties of honey - acacia, linden, buckwheat,sunflower, blossom, rapeseed and honey with currant berries and lemon

Our honey has a great taste and aroma. Monoflora verieties meet European requirements - the compliance is checked in laboratory using a modern equipment

We are open for cooperation with foreign trade networks that sell products under their own brands. As part of the partnership, we offer the following opportunities:

  • Bottling of products in glass containers with a capacity of 125 to 1000 ml;
  • Development of labels under the customer's own brand or work with the existing design;
  • Production of large and small batches of honey depending on the need.

Cooperation with BEEHIVE is your confidence in the quality, reliability and timeliness of deliveries. We conduct honest and transparent business, we highly value partnership with like-minded people.

A key component of our mission is to provide high quality services and solutions for our customers. That's how we build business relationships. Today BEEHIVE is a synonym of exceptional quality of Ukrainian honey.

FSSC 22000