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Ukrainian honey is one of the best in the world, but for its concession abroad it is necessary to guarantee 100% correspondence to international quality standards.
Our company produces natural high-quality honey, in which all the useful properties of raw materials are preserved.
Each stage of the production cycle is built in accordance with the BEEHIVE Standard, which excludes any violation of the properties and healthful qualities of natural honey.
Being absolutely confident in every drop of our production, we successfully work on foreign markets, where high demands are made on the quality of the final product.

Sorts of honey

The BEEHIVE company produces monofloral and polyfloral sorts of honey:

Monofloral sorts

The technological cycle excludes a possibility of getting a product, which has other sorts of honey in it on a higher level than it is acceptable.

Polyfloral sorts

We use honey, which was collected from various plants on the best melliferous regions of Ukraine. While processing all the organoleptic properties of each honey sort are preserved.
Monofloral and polyfloral sorts involve the wealth of aromas and biologically active components forming the value of a natural product.

How we control the quality and keep up to the “BEEHIVE standard”

The basis of the BEEHIVE Standard is a commitment to the highest criteria of the quality of production and ensuring the safety of honey at all stages of production.
This means that we not only comply with the requirements of the international certificate FSSC 22 000 and Ukrainian DSTU 4497: 2005.
Our corporate philosophy requires more: to create a product whose value is beyond doubts!
We control even those parameters, which are not obligatory to be checked and we carry out the regulations on a quality control of raw materials and products on every stage of production.
The selection of control samples is carried out by a supplier in accordance with the established rules. Raw materials are delivered to the plant in a compliance with the rules of transportation and are tested in the laboratory.
After the initial acceptance at the enterprise, the chief technologist does sampling from each container unit. The laboratory conducts a multi-level study for correspondence to physico-chemical parameters, the absence of antibiotics and other harmful substances.
Before being sent to a consumer, the final conclusion about the product’s compliance with quality standards is made by a laboratory in Germany, where samples from each batch of honey are sent.
Today BEEHIVE presents a really high-quality and safe product on the market, forming a special culture of processing raw materials.
We fully preserve the unique properties of natural honey collected in the best honey-bearing regions of Ukraine.
To solve this crucial task, our specialists apply deep knowledge based on many years of experience in professional work in the field of beekeeping.

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