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The way of the BEEHIVE Standard honey from a beekeeper to a consumer

Primary sampling is carried out before of the batch arrives for a processing. A qualified collector takes samples from beekeepers and delivers them to the plant.

Samples are accepted in a clean, hermetically closed container. It is important to comply with the conditions of transportation. The product should not be overheated or be affected by the external environment.

After the laboratory conclusion, the batch enters the factory, where the chief technologist takes samples from each container unit.
Honey is sent to laboratory again and is being monitored in all parameters.

The final analysis of the final product is carried out in a laboratory located in Germany.

What do the results of analysis affect

The analysis of raw materials and finished products allows specialists to obtain additional information about the physico-chemical properties of the product.
The important parameters, which concern a further processing and a market cost are:

  • The laboratory gives a forecast of the time of crystallization of honey, the speed of which depends on the fructose and glucose balance.
  • Studies accurately determine the composition of raw materials, which is important in the production of batches of monoflora product.
  • The technologists sort honey and make blends for homogenization and bottling basing on the laboratory conclusion.

How we examine honey

We pay special attention to the quality of the branded BEEHIVE products, controlling all the key parameters confirming the safety of the product and its compliance with the standards.
Multilevel research includes:
  • physical and technical analysis
  • detection of antibiotics or their traces
  • the presence of hydroxymethylfurfural
  • determination of moisture acidity
  • diastatic number
A conclusion, based on the data we get, is issued for each sample.
The term of research is 7 days.
A special attention is paid to the analysis of the content of antibiotics in the raw materials. The presence of antibacterial substances included in the composition of medicines for bees is unacceptable. In case of detection, the raw materials are recognized as illiquid and are rejected. Becouse of this the ingress of antibiotics to the final product is excluded.