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About Us

Honey Production

The production capacity of the BEEHIVE company with an area of 5000 m² is located in an ecologically clean area of Cherkasy region. The company is equipped with the latest equipment for the homogenization of the product. A multi-level quality control system has been implemented on the plant, and highly qualified personnel has been employed.

The daily output of the final product is 40 tons. At the same time, the production of honey fully complies with international standards for the processing of bee products. Food safety is certified by the food safety control system FSSC 22000.

What is our honey valued for?

The technology of honey production is based on compliance with the “Beehive Standard”. We are bringing to a qualitatively new level the understanding of the importance of the beekeeping industry and the conditions for processing its products. Therefore, our business solutions are closely connected with the desire to improve processes in the industry of honey production in Ukraine:

the plant has implemented a gentle decrystallization technology
with a temperature not higher than 40оС;

a high-tech industrial complex is equipped with two
homogenizers of 20 tons each;

Laboratory quality checks are carried out at all stages of production.

What does Beehive Standard provide?

preservation of the beneficial properties of honey and its unique composition

Bee products are extremely susceptible to the effects of the environment and temperature.

Therefore, we made sure that the structure of our production cycle guaranteed the highest possible preservation of the beneficial properties of honey and its unique composition.

Popularization of domestic honey abroad

Today, the BEEHIVE company acts as a driver for the development of ecological production in Ukraine and the promotion of high-quality Ukrainian honey worldwide.

launch of a product bottling line

Without stopping on what has been achieved, we continue the planned expansion of production. In the nearest future, the company plans to install additional homogenizers and to start an automated line for putting product in jars.