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46th Apimondia Congress in Montreal. «Working together in agriculture»


«Taking care of bees and honey business is one of the priorities that should be kept».

September 8 – 13th BEEHIVE visited 46th Apimondia Congress in Montreal.

The Congress is the biggest opportunity to learn about current situation in beekeeping area around the world, meet a great number of industry representatives, and discuss the high-priority topics in beekeeping from many different perspectives.

Key points covered at the Congress are based on seven Apimondia Scientific Commissions related to apiculture: Beekeeping Economy, Bee Biology, Bee Health, Pollination and Bee Flora, Beekeeping Technology and Quality, Apitherapy, and Beekeeping for Rural Development.

Apimondia Cogress was divided into:

ApiEXPO – the biggest beekeeping trade show. There were 240 exhibitors, including manufacturers of beekeeping equipment, companies specializing in bee nutrition and hive technology, bee hive product and stock producers, as well as educational institutions and beekeeping associations.

The World Beekeeping Awards – global contest in beekeeping world.

The most important issue that has been discussed this year at 46th Apimondia Congress in Montreal was the cooperation between beekeepers and farmers, as trade of honey became one of the biggest challenges. Year by year it’s harder to ensure the original quality of honey through the whole way from the bees to the customers, that is why the better regulation of the market is needed. What is also important to ensure – is the affordable analysis of honey, with a help of which it will be easier to detect adulterated product.

The second main purpose is to provide the quicker transfer of information between all participants of the process, such as farmers, beekeepers and exporters.

The main mission and principle of BEEHIVE is to preserve the authentical parameters in the end product on the shelf, for customer to get the right-from-the-beehives quality and taste of the honey.

BEEHIVE team came back from Apimondia with n

ew ideas, better vision of the current situation, stronger motivation and intention to make honey business more transparent. This time we were able not just to listen – but to share our own experience and expertise as well.