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About Us

Industrial and partner apiaries

An important activity of the BEEHIVE company is the development of its own industrial apiaries.
To date, our first beekeeping farm has been created and is successfully operating, with more than 1,000 hives. Production of marketable honey is carried out according to “Beehive Standard”.
Our company also provides technical and veterinary support services for partner’s apiaries.

How does our apiary work

We build our work successfully combining modern scientific developments in the field of beekeeping and practical experience of professional beekeepers. The key tasks are the creation of favorable conditions for the smooth growth and productive work of bee colonies.
The processes connected with the activities of the apiary are regulated according to the norms of the BEEHIVE Standard:
  • Inspection of areas for the apiary installation if there was a chemical treatment of honey crops and neighboring fields. Such inspections are carried out to choose safe areas where there is no threat for bee colonies and no harmful substances can contact with the nectar.
  • Preliminary assessment of the productivity of departure and the possibility of collecting nectar for monofloral sorts of honey.
  • Constant monitoring of the bee work, the process of honey collection and maturation of the product.
  • Pumping off the honey in clean conditions, in compliance with established rules and regulations.
  • Transportation to the plant in refrigerators, which excludes the change in the physico-chemical properties of natural honey, even while an extremely hot weather.

The advantages of the industrial apiary “Beehive”

We comply with the requirements of the HACCP concept and carry out systematic control over factors that can cause a threat to the safety and quality of the product under the BEEHIVE trademark. This is connected with all stages of honey production - starting from the conditions of the bee colonies breeding to obtaining the final product. The experience of our colleagues allowed us to create a list of critical points, controling of which guarantees minimization of the risks of getting a low-quality product.
We also conduct researches in the field of breeding a new species of queen bees, which will make it possible to form a new breed of bee colonies — strong, hardy and adapted to work in the climatic conditions of Central Ukraine. Our company was the first one in Ukraine to initiate a such kind of approach to the organization of apiary household. We are creating a vertically integrated production complex with a single mechanism for monitoring compliance with the BEEHIVE Standard.
In a homestead or private apiary, the introduction of such a system is difficult. It requires the involvement of a group of narrow-profile beekeepers who ensure an effective accomplishment and control at each stage of the production cycle.

Who do we work with?

Apiary is focused on collecting nectar in large areas.
We sign contracts with farms for the installation of hives while the period of flowering of agricultural crops. When planning, we consider all the factors that may affect the quality of honey. First of all, we take into account the treatment of plants with chemicals. Hives are exported according to a pre-formed logistic plan.
At the same time, pollination by bees repeatedly increases the yield capacity of fruit trees, rape, buckwheat, and sunflower.
We guarantee 100% compliance of the conditions of a honey collection with sanitary and veterinary norms. The company does not use antibiotics and other harmful substances that negatively affect the quality of honey.

Partner apiaries

The BEEHIVE company offers a mutually beneficial cooperation to the owners of beekeeping farms. We provide a full range of relevant services to support activities:
  • equipping with hives and the necessary additional equipment;
  • organization of the departure of bee colonies to places favorable for honey collection;
  • pumping off of honey into the field, bottling and transporting the product;
  • quality control and laboratory analysis of products;
  • purchase of honey for processing at the facilities of the BEEHIVE plant.

Also, our veterinary service carries out an audit of bee colonies. Specialists are developing the tactics of treating and preventing bee diseases without antibiotics and drugs that pose a threat of bioterrorism.
The conditions of a partnership are formed individually.
Preference is given to maintenance in the “full cycle” format – from the delivery of hives to pumping off and the purchase of finished products. In this case, we guarantee high-quality fulfillment of obligations at each stage.
Cooperation with professionals has a beneficial effect on the development of the apiary. We use modern methods of work organization and are ready to share our accumulated experience.
For cooperation and contracting, please contact …