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About Us

Beehive Certificates

The BEEHIVE company builds its work according to the most demanding standards. We have created an industrial complex corresponding to international food safety management systems.

The first step towards the implementation of the strategy and the formation of the exclusive “Beehive Standard” was to achieve the certificate FSSC 22000. The work is not finished – the company intends to join the True Source Certified system and to get the official recognition as a manufacturer of organic products according to Organic certification.

Beehive Recognition

The FSSC 22000 certificate certificate is a well-respected document of international standard developed by the Global Food Safety Initiative. It regulates the work of the food industry in order to create food safety systems. The key word is security. The product must not only be of high quality and to comply with the industry norms or state standards. The most important criterion is the absence of harm for the consumer. Compliance with FSSC 22000 excludes the risks of getting an unsafe product.
In the context of the BEEHIVE activitiy specifics this means:
  • branded honey does not contain antibiotics or their traces;
  • products were not affected by high temperatures;
  • preservation of physical and chemical properties of natural raw materials;
  • each unit of production has passed a multi-level quality control system in the laboratory;
  • the production cycle is strictly regulated and provides for compliance with sanitary standards by all employees who are in contact with raw materials or final product;
  • staff has the practical knowledge necessary to meet the requirements for employees.
The FSSC 22000 certificate
The FSSC 22000 certificate is comprehensive and includes the food safety management system ISO 22000, ISO 22003 and the technical specification for the PRP sector. The company is also obliged to comply with the national legal requirements and regulations.
FSSC 22000 certification gives the right to sell products in international retail chains, which is important for BEEHIVE partners. There is no need to obtain additional documents for deliveries for retail sale.
Beehive achieved FSSC 22000 certification in 2016 at one shot without significant comments from the auditors. Re-certification is expected in 2019, with an observational audit every year.

Our plans and prospects

We are not intending to stop and are planning to receive international certificates that allow competing on equal terms with manufacturers from other countries on the markets of Europe, the USA and Canada.
Currently we are working on obtaining such certificates:
True Source Certified
- a voluntary system for tracking the origin of honey in full compliance with international and US laws in the production and supply of bee products. The certificate assumes a total control of the entire honey supply chain - from the hive to the final consumer.
Organic certification
- an international certificate for producers of organic food and agricultural products. It regulates the absence in the composition of the final product of synthetic chemical additives, GMOs and determines the requirements for creating conditions for the production of organic products.
After receiving True Source Certified and Organic certification, we will have a package of certificates that give the "green light" on the markets of the United States and Canada. And this means that we will successfully continue our mission to promote Ukrainian honey internationally.