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High quality sorts of honey

BEEHIVE produces monofloral and polifloral sorts of honey
We carry out the current and urgent delivery of the final production.
We have our own warehouses, which allow us to form the necessary commodity supplies.
Microclimat at the warehouses corresponds to the requirements for honey storage.
Our warehouses fully comply with the requirements for storage of honey: humidity, temperature and sanitary standards are observed.

Formats of our work

The Beehive company produces large quantities of products and pours honey into small containers. We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and are interested in our final customers to get a high-quality product.
Format B2B
We produce polifloral and monofloral sorts of honey for wholesale buyers and put a ready product into 200 liters barrels.
Bigger part of our production is being successfully exported to the European Union, where the quality of the Ukrainian honey and standards of BEEHIVE working are highly valued.
The company guarantees compliance with the international quality standards and timely delivery of products.
Format B2C
We pour honey under the BEEHIVE trademark in a small container - jars (from 150 to 1250 ml). The products are intended for domestic sales in retail chains.
In the B2C format, we focus on the production of monoflorous varieties of honey - acacia, linden, buckwheat. BEEHIVE cooperates directly with the beekeepers, who share our values and who has a responsible approach to the process of honey collection.
Our honey has a great taste and aroma. Monoflora sorts meet European requirements in their compositions - the compliance is checked in laboratory using a modern equipment.
Private Label
We are open for cooperation with the Ukrainian and foreign trade networks that sell products under their own trademarks. As a part of the partnership, we offer the following opportunities:
  • bottling products in glass containers (from 150 to 1250 ml);
  • putting different types of labels;
  • production of large and small batches of honey, depending on the need.
Cooperation with the BEEHIVE Company is your confidence in the quality, reliability and timeliness of the deliveries. We run an honest and transparent business, highly appreciate partnership with a like-minded people.
A key component of our mission is to provide high quality services and solutions to our customers. That is how we build business relationships. Today Beehive is synonymous with the exceptional quality of Ukrainian honey.
We invite you to check it out in practice!

Food safety

The final product must not only be of high quality, but completely safe for the consumer. This means that BEEHIVE honey does not contain substances and additions that can cause harm for a human health.
The basis of the food safety of branded products is the exclusive BEEHIVE Standard. It is designed taking into account our business principles and according to the requirements of the FSSC 22 000 certificate, which takes into account the peculiarities of production in the food industry.
BEEHIVE produces honey in the conditions that preclude interference in the composition and properties of natural honey. Safety is ensured at all stages of production - from the acceptance of raw materials from beekeepers to the shipment of the final products.
We put something more into the concept of food safety than the maintenance of cleanliness and sanitary standards. Being honest with partners and justifying consumers confidence are our core values.
How we achieve our goals:
multi-level control and quality control of raw materials entering the plant
zoning of industrial areas and strict rules for admission to each zone
visitors can be in the production hall in sanitary clothes only
staff training on the rules of a handling the raw material and a behavior in areas where direct contact with the product takes place
control over compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and wearing the work clothes of the established sample by the factory employees
Annually the factory undergoes the observational audit for compliance with FSSC standards 22,000, and repeats the certification once in three years.
A three-level product safety check we have on our enterprise is the thing we are very proud of. In addition to the obligatory parameters, we control those, which are not stated in the existing standards. This gives confidence that our consumers have exceptionally high-quality and safe honey on their tables.

The BEEHIVE production complex includes its own certified laboratory, which has modern equipment.

The laboratory does a multi-level research on raw materials at each stage of processing. We guarantee the accuracy of the data we get and 100% compliance of honey with food safety standards. While the honey acceptance on the plant, the batch receives a unique bar code, which makes it possible to track the path of honey from the storage area to the final product warehouse.
The primary control is carried out before the party arrives at the plant.
Then we check the raw materials from each container unit.
The final conclusion about the quality and safety of the blend is obtained from Germany.
Details on the quality control of our product